About Us


Llama Lunch was founded in 2023 by Laura and Spencer King.

A busy mom of three, Laura found herself struggling to find the time and energy to pack wholesome, quality lunches her kids would enjoy. An entrepreneur educated in holistic nutrition, this didn’t sit right, and her instinct to seek out a way to help busy parents provide convenient, nutritious, and delicious lunches every day of the week kicked in.

Spencer learned from his school-teacher mother at an early age that not all kids are fortunate enough to have a packed lunch with them every day at school. Sometimes kids at school are hungry, with nowhere to turn for help.

This reality tugged on the heart strings of both Laura and Spencer and so together, they founded Llama Lunch – a lunch box delivery service that provides convenient, nutritious, and delicious boxed lunches and snacks for school children and offers a way for others to help ensure all children have access to a healthy lunch at school. 

Lunchtime Made Easy

No time to make lunch?
Lacking energy to plan a truly healthy and nutritious lunch?
Always packing the same uneaten lunch and snacks?
Throwing out food not eaten by picky eaters?

Busy moms and dads know that most days, planning what to pack in their kids lunch can fall to the end of the list, behind extra curricular activities and the general busy lifestyles of most families today.

Llama Lunch can help!

Our easy-to-use subscription system and dependable delivery service provide today’s busy families with a time-saving and convenient way to ensure your child is eating a wholesome and nutritious lunch every day! 

Get Your Kids Excited For Lunch With Dozens of Menu Options!

With our simple menu system, your child can take part in choosing what their lunch will include, cutting down on food waste, and increasing your confidence their tummy is full with healthy food. 

Each meal includes:

  • One healthy and nutritious entrée, or main dish
  • Two snacks to enjoy with lunch or throughout the day
  • One beverage or additional snack


Gift a Lunch Box

You can help ensure more kids have access to nutritious and delicious lunches by donating a Llama Lunch to others. No kids of your own?